St. Cloud Diocese and Chile

Our St. Cloud Diocese has connections in Chile through a few different people and organizations.  Read below to find out about these great connections.

Trappist Missioners

Two men from the St. Cloud Diocese, Fr. Linus Doerner and Fr. Richard Gans, are members of the Trappist community at the Santa María de Miraflores Monastery in Rancagua, Chile. Read about their community’s history and subtle ministry.  Or visit the Monastery’s website (note: this site is in Spanish)

bro_linus_doernerFr. Linus (Lino) is originally from St. Cloud and has been ministering in Chile for 35+ years now, including 15 years as Prior of the community. He is currently the Director of Brothers in simple profession. Below is the homily given by Brother Raúl on October 16th, 2005 at their Monastery for the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Fr. Linus’s Monastic vows.

Dear brothers:
This morning the Lord is giving us something special: the beautiful experience of being witnesses of the tracks and traces of a whole lifetime dedicated to Him. We are celebrating with joy and gratitude 50 years of monastic profession of our beloved Fr. Lino. Many of us have been a part of that journey, at his side. We have received from his hands the fruits of a life totally given up to God. Each of us can recognize in his own journey the example that invites us, the hand that supports us, the profound and opportune word of this witness of Jesus Christ, that, without making a lot of noise, has been able to live and teach us how we can live totally immersed in the love and mercy of God. Yes, this is a moment to be very grateful and joyful for the gift of Fr. Lino’s vocation. This is the time to lift up hands and hearts to our Father in heaven, and to give thanks for the gift of this simple and quiet monk, who from the depths of his big eyes has invited us to fix our gaze on Jesus.

Your singing and your praying, my dear Fr. Lino, have been engraved and recorded on the walls of this house of God, but above all on the walls of our memory and our monastic history: in Our Lady of Gethsemani, at the beginning of your monastic pilgrimage; then in Nuestra Señora de La Dehesa, and after that in Santa María de Miraflores. That is why your feast is our feast; your joy and gratitude to God, our joy and gratitude.

Our Lord called you more than 50 years ago. He has supported you through the course of these years, and He will bring you to the great feast of the blessed, where you will sing forever the mercies of the Lord; just as you long for when your heart and voice sing: “The mercies of the Lord, every day will I sing.” In this total trust in the mercy of God who does not abandon you, you have lived everything God has asked of you, everything that has meant renouncing what you most treasured in your interior life for the good of your brothers. That humble and generous service has not known how to become tired. Many are those who can give witness to what I am saying to you this day of glory. Many are we who are replete with gratitude and affection for all the good you have done for us. And so in the name of all those who have felt in their lives the gentle breeze of your kind thoughtfulness, I give you heart-felt thanks, and to God, thanks for calling you to this life of unlimited dedication.

My dear Fr. Lino, may the Good Lord continue to do wondrous things in your monastic life, and carry on the work he has been doing in you from the beginning to its perfect conclusion; and may our Blessed Mother Mary continue to protect all your steps; and may you stand fast for many years, lighting up with the example of your life this School of Charity, Santa María de Miraflores, for our good and that of our Order and of the whole Church.

Congratulations Fr. Lino! Thank you for your many years of beautiful service to our Global Church! May God bless you with many more, and bless our Church with many more like you.

Trettel_FrJerome_ChileMaryknoll and CRS

Both ministry organizations have been a blessing to the people of Chile, especially at difficult times such as the 2010 earthquake, but also to the people of St. Cloud, allowing us to be connected with Chile through their work. They have allowed us to send funds and Mass intentions to the country, and provided resources for parishes and schools wishing to know more about the Chilean culture.

St. Cloud State University

St. Cloud State University (SCSU) has a relationship with a university in Chile, allowing for student exchanges of culture and education. For more information, contact Elizabeth Borgert in the Spanish Department at SCSU.