St. Cloud Diocese and India

The St. Cloud Diocese has a connection to the church in India through the blessing of several Vincentian missioners.  These men are priests of the community of the St. Joseph Province of the Vincentian Congregation from Kerala, India. They have ministered in multiple different parishes and schools within our diocese, including Isanti, Pierz, Perham, Long Prairie, Little Falls and St. Cloud.  They serve as a great link between our Central Minnesotan culture and church, and that of their home area of India.

Vincentians from India

The Vincentians from India currently in our diocese are:

  1. Fr. Jose Chettoor, VC
  2. Fr. Jimmy Joseph, VC
  3. Fr. George Michael, VC

About Father Jimmy Joseph, VC

Fr. Jimmy Joseph, a Vincentian Missionary Priest, was born on December 25, 1968, in Kerala, S. India. He is the youngest of seven children to his parents Joseph and Mary. He has three brothers and three sisters – they are Thomas, Sr.; Mercy; Beena; Francis, Sr.; Alexia and Dominic. Sr. Mercy and Sr. Alexia are missionaries, and they work in northern India. After his graduation, Fr. Jimmy joined the Vincentian Religious Order and was ordained on January 4, 1997, in India. He completed his study in Philosophy from St. Joseph Carmelgiri Seminary in India in 1992 and Theology from St. Joseph Pontifical Seminary in India in 1996.

During the last twelve years of his priesthood, he has been working in various apostolic ministries of his religious Congregation in India. He reached in the USA in May 2008 and was serving as Parochial Vicar of the parish of St. Mary of Mount Carmel in Long Prairie. Now he is at St. Stanislaus in Little Falls. He is one of the three Vincentian Priests serving in the Diocese of St. Cloud.

The Parish of St. Joseph in St. Joe, MN has a beautiful relationship, that has stemmed and grown from a long-standing relationship of support and prayer by one family, with a diocese in India.  For more information about this relationship, contact the parish of St. Joseph.