Our World is Too Wonderfully Diverse Not to Explore!


The St. Cloud Mission Office promotes active engagement in our global church and interaction between peoples, cultures and lands needed to know the diversity of our world that reflects that of the diversity of our Triune God.  One of the many ways to do this is through Mission Trips or cultural exchanges.  There are a variety of types of such trips, ranging from a service or work trip, to a cultural immersion, learning experiences, faith exchanges, and more.

Below is information about some of the many options for mission trips. Our Mission Office recommends you look into in trying to choose the right style of trip, location and fit for your individual or group needs.


kay_leslieMission Office-Sponsored Mission Trips

The St. Cloud Mission Office plans delegations to our partner dioceses of Maracay, Venezuela and Homa Bay, Kenya. These delegations travel every third year, in opposite years as each other. On non-travel years, we have alternating delegations visiting us from either Homa Bay or Maracay.

The current plans for partnership delegates are:

  1. A delegation from Homa Bay was planning to travel to St. Cloud in April, 2020, but due to COVID-19 the trip was postponed. At this point there is no specific dates in place for when the trip is being rescheduled. Check back for more information, and be sure to pray for our partners in the meantime!
  2. A delegation from Maracay was planning to travel to St. Cloud in April, 2020, but due to COVID-19 the trip was postponed. At this point there is no specific dates in place for when the trip is being rescheduled. Check back for more information, and be sure to pray for our partners in the meantime!

Contact us with your mailing address if you are interested in being added to an interest list for either or both of our partnership delegations, or if you would like to host or be involved in delegations coming to our diocese.

Find out the most up-to-date info on the partnerships and where we’re at in the travel cycle by visiting the Homa Bay or Maracay Partnership pages; there you can also find highlights from past delegations to see examples of what you could be a part of!


Other Short-Term Mission Trips

If you’re looking to travel in a non-travel year for one of our partnerships, or if you’re looking for something in a different part of our world, at a different time of year or a different style of trip, you’re not out of luck! There are numerous other delegations that travel regularly which you may be able to participate in, including:

  1. nicaragua2010Nicaragua: Delegations typically go to Nicaragua each January to visit the ministry done by the late Fr. Ted Niehaus, OFM, Cap.  Contact the Mission Office to find out how you can receive information on trips planned in the future.
  2. Nicaragua: In addition to delegations from our diocese visiting Fr. Teddy’ s ministry, Minnesota as a whole also has a sister-state relationship with León Nicaragua. Visit their website to find out more about Project MN-León and how you can be part of a delegation.
  3. Guatemala: Groups often travel to our numerous connections in Guatemala, including destinations such as San Lucas Toliman. Some parishes go every year, at various times of year.  Contact the Mission Office to find out when groups may be going next, and if they have room for delegates from other parishes to join them.
  4. El Salvador: Although “Partners Across Borders,” our sister city with Tenancingo in El Salvador, had to discontinue, the SHARE Foundation, umbrella organization for that sister city partnering, continues to do great work and has multiple delegations during the year for individuals or groups from all over the US. Check their website for more information, dates and applications; or contact Brother Dennis Beach, OSB at St. John’s University for more information.
  5. Mexico: Some parishes regularly take trips to the US/Mexico border through the organization Border Links. You may be able to join a group already going, or start your own.
  6. Maryknoll also offers multiple trips each year through their Lay Missioners Ministry of Global Spirituality programming. These Friends Across Borders trips visit varying destinations each year. For information on which trips are currently being planned and when, contact 414-967-1055 or email: maryknolltrips@yahoo.com

Don’t see anything you’re interested in? Contact us for other Short & Long Term mission trip options 2019(PDF) that may arise.


Mission Work Within the U.S.

If you’re unsure about mission work, or if you’re looking for an experience for your teenage group, we recommend you explore options doing mission work within the U.S. first. Although there are many organizations that help plan youth group mission trips domestically, we highly recommend Young Neighbors in Action. This organization combines service activities and interaction with the impoverished and oppressed, with prayer and education on our Catholic Social Teachings and call to mission and justice.

If you’d like to check into other options as well, ask us for a list of Youth and Domestic Trips (PDF) and those organizations that specifically plan experiences for youth groups.

hb_stephanieLong-Term Mission Work

There are countless opportunities for you to be a part of mission! If you’re interested in something a little more long-term than a week or two-week experience, there are various mission-sending organizations looking for good people like you.

Be sure to contact us to share your interest and to learn more about both long and short-term mission, both domestic and foreign volunteer opportunities.

Being involved without traveling

There are often visiting foreign missioners or delegates from one of our partner dioceses staying in our diocese. If your family or parish are interested in being involved with our visiting brothers and sisters or hosting them, contact us for more information!