We are all citizens of a Global Village!

We are part of a global family and are called to know our brothers and sisters from every corner of the world. And, contrary to popular belief, mission means not only going out, but also allowing others to come to us. There are many wonderful people connected to our diocese who have answered the call to mission.

We recognize that ALL Baptized Catholics are called to mission, and that each one of us is asked to be a missioner, through prayer, learning, sacrifice and relationship-building.  We also recognize that many of us do mission in our own back yard at times; but we also recognize that some are called to mission in a special way – those who answer the call to follow Christ’s example by leaving their home and comfort zones to be in relationship with brothers and sisters in other parts of the world.

missioners_wallMissioners from St. Cloud Diocese

Our Mission Office is always trying to stay in contact with those from our diocese who are living and ministering in various ways throughout the world. Currently we are aware of over 30 individuals serving in mission long-term. These individuals are priests, religious from various Religious Communities, and laity. They are young and old. They are new to mission, and have been in mission for over 40 years. Anyone can be called to serve!

Here are some of the beautiful servants of Christ, who have answered the call to live in solidarity and build relationships through their mission spirit and presence abroad:


  1. Bro. Sylvester Kinney, OSB
  2. Sr. Isabelle Berrones Morales, OSF
  3. Sr. Mary Dumonceaux, OSF
  4. Sr. Janice Weichman, OSF
  5. Sr. Angeline Mayers, OSF
  6. Sr. Aurora Tovar Rodriguez, OSF

Latin America:

  1. Father Linus Doerner OCSO- Chile
  2. Father Richard Gans OCSO – Chile


  1. Monica Rudawski (Franciscan Associate)


  1. Fr. John Schwieters, OFM


  1. Bro. Lawrence Kenning, MM


  1. Fr. Linus Doerner, OCSO
  2. Fr. Richard Gans, OCSO


  1. Liz Mach, MKLM (not from our diocese, but connected to us through friendship)


  1. Fr. Fred Timp, SVD


  1. Bro. Loren Beaudry, MM (previously served in Kenya also)


  1. Fr. Shaun Crumb, MM


  1. Fr. Myron Effing
  2. mccahillFr. Mike Shields


  1. Bro. Nicholas Thielman, CSC
  2. Fr. Bob McCahill, MM (not from our diocese, but connected to us through friendship)

We also have several young men from St. John’s University serving in half a dozen different countries around the world, through the Benedictine Volunteer Corps.  As well as those in mission to us as Franciscan Community Volunteers in St. Cloud.  

We apologize if we have missed any long-term missioners from our Diocese. Please contact the Mission Office if you are aware of family, friends or parishioners who are, or if you yourself are, currently engaging in mission abroad.

If you are interested in getting in contact with one of these missioners, or if you are interested in supporting the work they are doing, please contact the Mission Office.

You can “adopt” any of these missioners through letters and prayers, maintaining that bridge between their home diocese and their current place of mission. You can let the Mission Office know of the prayers you are dedicating to a specific missioner. If you send the office your letters, we can also safely get them to the missioners

Missioners from afar in mission to us

Currently the Mission Office is aware of seven missioners from our partner dioceses or other communities around the world who are living and serving long-term in our Diocese of St. Cloud, in addition to a group of fantastic 1-year long volunteers from throughout the US who serve in the St. Cloud area.

Those wonderful people who have come to share their faith and gifts with us include:

  1. Fr. Jose Chettoor, VC -from India
  2. Fr. Jimmy Joseph, VC – from India
  3. Fr. George Michael, VC – from India
  4. Fr. Oswaldo Roche – from Maracay, Venezuela
  5. Fr. Arockiya Newton OSB- from Asirvanam Benedictine Monastery, India
  6. Fr. Stefanus Ferdy Susilo OSC – from Indonesia
  7. Fr. Yustinus Nana Sujana OSC – from Indonesia
  8. Fr. Kambale Sambya Zawadi Jean-Marie, OSC From Democratic Republic of Congo
  9. Fr. Kavusa Mulekya Hubert OSC – from the Democratic Republic of Congo
  10. Br. Daniel Hernandez Flores OSC – from Mexico
  11. Br. Francisco Javier Garcia Nunez OSC from Mexico
  12. Franciscan Community Volunteers

bracamonte_baptismMany of these missioners are doing ministry in our parishes throughout the dicoese. You simply need to contact their parishes to be in touch with them. However, if you are not sure which parish they are ministering in, or you have other questions about how you can meet these great missioners, contact the Mission Office.

We also strongly encourage your school, parish, group, faith formation program, youth group or family to invite these missioners to speak about mission, global solidarity and their culture. They have wonderful gifts to share! To invite a missioner, or other members of the Mission Office Speakers Bureau, contact the Mission Office.

Past missioners here

Throughout the years a number of other missioners have served in our diocese, but since returned. Some of those whose presence we have been blessed with in the past include:

  1. Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph in Kenya
  2. Homa Bay Missioners from Kenya
  3. Maracay Missioners from Venezuela
  4. Fr. Thomas Assenga from Zanzibar, Tanzania
  5. Fr. Mansuetus Setonga from Same, Tanzania
  6. Priests, Sisters and Brothers on sabbatical at St. John’s School of Theology*Seminary

Notable & Legendary Missioners

In addition to the missioners from our diocese currently serving oversees and those from abroad serving us here, there are many notable returned missioners from our diocese that we can’t overlook. Although they are no longer serving in mission abroad, they do continue to serve the Church and mission in many ways. And still others have become legends for the great missionary witness they have provided to us and to the wider Catholic community through their life. We can’t afford to forget any of our St. Cloud missioners, and we continue to count among those doing mission those who have returned.

Below is a list of many of the returned long-term missioners from our diocese:

  1. Sr. Rose Mae Rausch, OSF – Mexico
  2. Fr. Dan Ohmann, MM
  3. Sr. Anita Jennissen, OSF – Mexico & Kenya
  4. Sr. Karen Niedzielski, OSF – Kenya
  5. Kristel Pesta – Honduras
  6. Rafael Harrington – Honduras (recently returned to mission, this time in Peru)
  7. Krista Popp – Honduras
  8. Jessica Witt – Guatemala
  9. Rosanne Fischer – Nicaragua
  10. Fr. Robert Rossi, OSC – Brazil
  11. Fr. Thomas Enneking, OSC – Brazil
  12. Fr. Bill Vos – Tanzania
  13. Fr. Herb Gappa, MM – Tanzania
  14. Mary Lauer, MKLM – Tanzania
  15. Meghan Merrinan – Tanzania
  16. Marty Roers – Sudan
  17. Jerry Hansen – Tanzania
  18. Sr. Francetta Kunkel – Ghana
  19. Fr. Ernie Martello, OSC – Democratic Republic of Congo
  20. Fr. Greg Poser, OSC – Papua, Indonesia
  21. Fr. Cyprian Weaver, OSB – Taiwan
  22. Fr. Geore Wolf, OSB – Bahamas
  23. Fr. Fintan Bromenshenkel, OSB – Bahamas
  24. Fr. Neal Lawrence, OSB – Japan
  25. Bro. Anselmo Karasawa, OSB – Japan
  26. Fr. Kieran Nolan, OSB – Japan
  27. Sr. Loretta Denfeld, OSF – Mexico
  28. Emily (Lidbeck) Harrington – Peru
  29. various Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls – Venezuela
  30. various diocesan priests – Venezuela
  31. Sr. Pat Forster, OSF
  32. Sr. Mary Hroscikoski, OSF
  33. Sr. Joan Gerads, OSF

kaiser_zebraSome of the wonderful men and women who answered the call to mission have now gone before us. Some even answered the call to be a Martyr for the faith. We miss them, yet are greatful for the wonderful witness they have been and continue to be! Rest in peace…

  1. Fr. John Anthony Kaiser, MHM (in Kenya), killed in 2000
  2. Fr. James Minette (in Maracay, Venezuela), passed away in 2004
  3. Fr. Norbert Shadeg, SVD (in Bali, Indonesia), passed away in 2006
  4. Fr. Dave Gallus, OSC (in Papua, Indonesia), passed away in 2012
  5. Bishop Alphonse Sowada, OSC (in Papua, Indonesia), passed away January 2014
  6. Fr. Rich Walz (in Venezuela), passed away in 2014
  7. Fr. Teddy Niehaus, OFM Cap (in Nicaragua), passed away in 2014