solidarity_in_mission_logo For over 10 years the Diocese of St. Cloud celebrated our unique partnership with the Diocese of Homa Bay, Kenya at the annual “Harvest for Hope” celebration. Then in 2010 Harvest for Hope evolved into the “Solidarity in Mission” event, which we now celebrate each year, recognizing our MANY diocesan mission connections throughout the world.

The next Solidarity in Mission Celebration: Saturday, October 6, 2018 will be a great celebration of our two diocesan partnerships and mission in the diocese, taking place at the 5th annual Diocesan Barn Dance!  For more information click here.

The Solidarity in Mission celebration would include:

  1. Multi-cultural liturgy with Bishop, and/or wmr2010World Mission Rosary led by different groups from the diocese
  2. Interaction with past and present missioners and delegates from around the world (when delegations coincide with the event), as well as other special guests and all participants
  3. Food
  4. Fellowship
  5. Learning about our mission connections and the global church
  6. hb_rita_cyprian2010Recognizing those individuals and groups who have exemplified our Catholic call to solidarity and mission (each year highlights a different person or group; see below for those recognized)
  7. The event is free and open to everyone! (some times a collection is taken up or free-will donation asked for, but there is no “charge” for participating in this great event)

Past Solidarity in Mission Honorees

  1. 2014-2017:  No specific honoree, as the event transitioned to the Diocesan Barn Dance instead, thus honoring our two diocesan partnerships each year.
  2. 2012:  Mission Groups / Mission “Auxiliary” of the Diocese
  3. 2011: Maryknoll Missioners, on 100 years of doing incredible ministry throughout the world.
  4. 2010: Father John Kaiser, a Millhill Missionary from our diocese who was martyred while serving in Kenya for his stance for the people and justice; 2010 marked the 10th anniversary of his death.