A Rich History of Solidarity

Our St. Cloud Mission Office, in association with Catholic Relief Services, is taking a new proactive role towards “mission.” The Diocese of St. Cloud has partnered with the Diocese of Homa Bay, Kenya in an effort to create not only a partnership but also a family in Christ. Global Solidarity Partnerships are a response taken by Catholic Relief Services concerning the U.S. Bishops, Called to Global Solidarity (1997), “We are members of a universal Church that transcends national boundaries and calls us to live in solidarity and justice with peoples of the world.”

Delegations to and from Homa Bay, as well as long term missioners present in our diocese, have allowed us to form personal relationships, which are the true foundations of the partnership and of mission! All have worshiped God together, seen God in each other, and remain committed to share gifts with each other to build up the Reign of God on earth. Each diocese has a leadership team that makes decisions guided by their experiences and interactions from their time abroad.

Sustainable, community based projects are ways in which we raise awareness and share our resources. Our first project was the metal silo project, with the goal of increasing food availability through reduction of storage losses in Homa Bay. For our next project it was determined that the best way to match our two dioceses’ gifts and needs was through the “Child Survival Project.” This past mutually-determined projects that our two dioceses are walking together in, strives to assist children in Homa Bay who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and to provide a long-term livelihood for them through education and vocational training, as well as advocate for them in the community. Working together on projects such as these allows both partners to share our unique gifts and help to meet each other’s unique needs.

hb_apples2007Not only do we concentrate on social development projects, but also on our faith as Christians. As a universal Church our faith-expressions are as diverse as our varying cultures. Our partnership has allowed us to learn from each other and grow together spiritually.

Parishioners from both Homa Bay and St. Cloud have stood together to share their stories and their faith. Shared prayer intentions, and shared missioners both long and short-term, help us to see ourselves more fully as brothers and sisters constructing God’s Kingdom together.

Read more about our partnership in Kenya:

Partnership Mission Statement

“The partnership of the Catholic Dioceses of Homa Bay, Kenya and Saint Cloud, Minnesota is an effort by people of faith of different continents and hemispheres to concretely live out our membership in our global church and our one human family. Gospel values and Catholic social teaching on the dignity and equality of each person are the foundation of the relationship. We hope to learn from each other, as well as to teach each other. We intend to share our material and spiritual resources. We believe in the power of mutual communication and action to promote our faith and our Church and to transform our world to be more just and loving, more closely following our Lord, Jesus Christ, as we go together to God.”


hb_lisa2006Get Involved

There are multiple ways in which you can be involved and support this special partnership – included, but not limited to:

  1. Financial donations, including contributions to any projects, Mass stipends or general partnership needs
  2. Hosting delegations here
  3. Being part of delegations to Homa Bay
  4. Inviting a missioner to speak on Homa Bay, mission or the partnership at your group, parish or school
  5. Including Mission Education into your school or faith formation curriculum
  6. Staying updated on global issues that affect our partners in Homa Bay
  7. Praying for Homa Bay and the partnership
  8. Making World Mission Rosaries
  9. Attend the annual Partnership Barndance celebration in the diocese
  10. and so much MORE!

View the Homa Bay Brochure 2019(PDF)