At the heart of the Partnership are the people of GOD within both dioceses. 

hb_Bspkinney_children2000People-to-People exchanges, therefore, are essential for building up the relationship of our two churches, and truly encountering the face of Christ in one another’s diocese.  About 150 delegates from St. Cloud have spent a two week period in Homa Bay, experiencing parish life and learning about life in Kenya. About 100 Kenyans have spent a two week period in St. Cloud, experiencing parish life and learning about life in Minnesota. In addition, seven long-term missioners from Homa Bay have lived and served in our diocese over the years of our partnership. Our Partnership travel is set-up on a 3-year cycle: we travel to Kenya one year, they travel to Minnesota the next, and we postpone travel the following for a year of implementation to work on mutually-defined goals and projects; and then we begin the cycle again.

Delegations travel to our partner diocese of Homa Bay, Kenya every-third year. If you are interested in being a part of one of these trips, contact the Mission Office to put your name on a list of those interested. Information will be sent out to you about 9 months prior to the travel dates, and you will be asked to fill out a simple “application” before delegation selections occur. All delegates are required to attend 4 orientation sessions and 2 follow-up sessions in addition to the travel dates; please be prepared to commit to these at the time you apply.

hb_dancing2007We also have delegations visiting us in the St. Cloud Diocese every-third year (on opposite years as we travel to them). These groups are always in need of helpful energetic people from our Diocese to host delegates, to help with transportation and event facilitation and to interact with them during their time here. If any of this is of interest to you, please contact us at the Mission Office.

Upcoming Delegations

The next Homa Bay Partnership delegation will be: 
Our friends from Homa Bay traveling to St. Cloud in April, 2020.  Please watch the Mission Office website, newsletter and the Central Minnesota Catholic diocesan magazine for details on how you can be involved.
Traveling to Homa Bay, Kenya in 2022. Please watch the Mission Office website, newsletter and the Central Minnesota Catholic diocesan magazine for details on interest meetings and how to apply, so that you can be among the next blessed group to journey to our brothers and sisters in Kenya!
For more information on inviting a delegate who has been to Homa Bay previously to speak to your parish or group about their time in Kenya, contact the Mission Office.

Delegation History

Here is a bit of history on the partnership’s travels thus far, including links to reflections and photo highlights for some of these exchanges:

  1. In March, 2019 16 delegates from the St. Cloud Diocese traveled to Homa Bay Kenya.  Delegates were overwhelmed with the outpouring of love shown from our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Check out this article featured in our very own Central MN Catholic Magazine.
  2. Sixteen people from across the St. Cloud Diocese, including Bishop Don Kettler, traveled to Homa Bay, Kenya in February of 2016, having an incredible experience of mission and solidarity!
  3. Fourteen of our brothers and sisters from Homa Bay journeyed to Central Minnesota to spend two weeks with us in the St. Cloud Diocese over Holy Week and Easter, in April 2014.  What a blessing to celebrate our Risen Lord together!
  4. Delegates from throughout the St. Cloud Diocese traveled to Kenya in September of 2013 and had a phenomenal experience of the warmth and welcoming love and acceptance of our GOD, as seen through the Kenyan people!
  5. hb_signIn August of 2011, Fr. John Odero was welcomed to Minnesota and the St. Cloud Diocese; Fr. John is the third long-term missioner priest of the partnership that Homa Bay has blessed our diocese with, and we look forward to the ministry he will do in his assigned cluster as well as throughout the diocese as people get to know him and all that his life and faith background in Kenya have to teach us.
  6. A delegation from Homa Bay journeyed to Minnesota in September-2010 (PDF). Pray for the group as they continue to readjust to life in Homa Bay and discern what their experience means now for their lives and communities.
  7. A delegation from the St. Cloud Diocese returned from a March-2009 (PDF) delegation to Homa Bay Diocese. Some delegates had such an amazing experience, they have already returned to Homa Bay since the delegation! Check out a video interview of one delegate’s experience!
  8. In September of 2007 12 delegates from Homa Bay came and spent 3 weeks in the St. Cloud Diocese – visiting many people and places, staying in homes in 5 different parishes, and both sharing in the life of Minnesota and also sharing with us the life of Kenya.
  9. In August of 2007, Fr. Gregory Ombok journeyed to the St. Cloud Diocese. He will be ministering in the diocese for 3 years; he is currently living and working in the 5-Parish Cluster in the Holdingford area. Blessings to him as he begins to be in mission to all of us!
  10. Previously, in July of 2006 (pdf), 15 members from the St. Cloud Diocese journeyed to the Diocese of Homa Bay, where they spent 2 weeks sharing in the lives and faith of our brothers and sisters in Kenya. No “projects” were done, no agenda was set, no purpose other than to accompany one another and share our gifts across the continents in a very real way, just as our Catholic faith calls us to do!
  11. A group of St. John’s and St. Ben’s college students and faculty traveled to Kenya on a May Term in May 2005. As part of their study abroad experience they traveled to Homa Bay.
  12. In March of 2005, a delegation from the Homa Bay Diocese visited the St. Cloud Diocese. They shared in the everyday life of parishioners from the parishes of St. Michael in St. Cloud, Spring Hill, the Belgrade cluster, Henning, Mora, Freeport, Foley and Isanti. During the visit from Homa Bay, the leadership teams of the partnership discussed supporting one another in the areas of Communications/Evangelization, the challenges of HIV/AIDS, and the official signing of a formal agreement of understanding between the diocese in regards to the evolving partnership.
  13. hb_dana_chickens2004In August 2004, 16 delegates from the Diocese of St. Cloud spent two weeks in Homa Bay. Fr. Marv Enneking, Fr. Bill Vos, seminarian Aaron Kuhn and Steve Bresnahan stayed for a third week to attend the ordination of a number of seminarians. The delegates from St. Cloud went to share their common faith together with their sisters and brothers in Kenya. They also learned first hand about daily life and the reality of the church in Kenya. They lived and were sent two by two (like the Gospels say) to local parishes throughout the Homa Bay Diocese. They walked, talked, worshiped, prayed, ate, shared, and lived with and as their Kenyan friends and global neighbors. And together the Minnesotan and the Kenyans continue to grow and seek to know and love God in one another.
  14. Delegations also traveled to Homa Bay in 2000 and 2001.hb_jaxon_robert2007