maracay_seminariansStrengthening the Global Church through its leaders

The St. Cloud – Maracay Partnership has identified a common project: supporting seminarians in the Diocese of Maracay.

Vocations are flourishing in Maracay, but the Church does not have the resources to support them. Individuals and groups in both dioceses are invited to contribute to the building up of the Church by sponsoring a  seminarian.

Full Scholarship — $50/month
Partial Scholarship — $25/month

This is a great project for Mission Groups, Knights of Columbus, DCCW, youth groups, etc!

Simply fill out this form and mail to the Mission Office:

Name of Individual or Group Sponsor: ___________________________________________________


Number of months you would like to sponsor____________________________________________

Questions? Contact the Mission Office (320) 251-1100

Thank you for supporing the Amigos de los Seminaristas / Friends of the Seminarians project!