Maracay to St. Cloud – We are One Catholic Family!

The following is information on the blessings that priests from the Maracay Diocese of Venezuela have been to our St. Cloud Diocese throughout the past several years. Each priest brought their own unique gifts, talents and personalities, and we are grateful for each and every one of them and the incredible ministry they have blessed us with!

For more information on how and why the St. Cloud Diocese welcomes missioner priests to minister among us, read the International Clergy Policy (PDF) here.



Bienvenidos, Fr. Oswaldo Roche!

The fourth missioner from the diocese of Maracay, Venezuela to St. Cloud, Minnesota has been granted his Religious Visa and joined us in Central Minnesota!  He arrived in Minnesota on October 30, 2012, and has been serving since as Hispanic Minister in the diocese, primarily focusing his sacramental and pastoral efforts on the parishes of St. Joseph in Waite Park, St. Boniface in Cold Spring, and Church of the Assumption in Morris, as well as in many other parishes throughout the Diocese.  Please join us in praying for the successful ministry of Fr. Oswaldo in our diocese, and our ability to continue evangelizing to one another through this personnel exchange!

freddimir_denny Adios, Fr. Freddimir!

Shortly before Fr. José Bracamonte departed for Venezuela in November of 2010, our third long-term priest missioner from the Diocese of Maracay arrived in Minnesota to be in mission to us. We enthusiastically welcomed Father Freddimir Villavicencio, who arrived in September of 2010.

Fr. Freddimir completed a period of acculturation in which he studied the English language and got more familiar with the culture, church and people of the St. Cloud Diocesan area.  After this period, Bishop Kinney assigned him to Hispanic ministry beginning in July of 2011.  He completed his time here in September of 2012, when his visa expired.  He made a lot of friends during his time here, and we are grateful for the many ways that he ministered to our communities and taught us all more about mission!

bracamonte_baptismDios te Bendice, Padre José!

Fr. Jose Gregorio Bracamonte came to Minnesota in May of 2005, following Fr. David Trujillo, in order to continue the wonderful missionary presence and ministry among us in the Diocese of St. Cloud. He was with us until the end of 2010!

Fr. José was ordained for the Diocese of Maracay in 1993. He was later sent to Rome from 1997-99 for two additional years of study.

Fr. José comes from a large family of eight brothers and sisters. He was born and raised in the Diocese of Maracay, Venezuela. He especially enjoys visiting with people, listening to music, and gardening fruits and vegetables.

While in St. Cloud, he enjoyed the nice, refreshing summer climate in Minnesota (although he was less a fan of the snowy Minnesota winters). He was especially intrigued and fascinated by the procedures and prospects of fishing and hunting here in Minnesota. While here in Minnesota, he especially missed his three dogs back home in Venezuela.

When first arriving, Fr. José studied the English language and lived at Centro Hispano in Waite Park. Later he served as Hispanic Minister for the Diocese, actively ministering in parishes of the Diocese with a Latino population – offering Spanish Masses, Bible studies, retreats, celebrating Sacraments and more. We of the St. Cloud Diocese had a great opportunity to broaden our awareness and experience of our global Church through his ministry with us. We thank him, and will greatly miss his ministry and presence among us! ¡Dios te bendice, Padre José!

trujilloMuchas Gracias, Padre David!

In the fall of 2002, Fr. David Trujillo, a diocesan priest from our Sister Diocese of Maracay Venezuela, was sent in mission to the Diocese of St. Cloud to minister for three years.  Fr. David Trujillo was the first long-term missioner to St. Cloud from Maracay.

Fr. David came from a large agricultural family. Most of his brothers and sisters have entered professional careers. He entered the seminary at the age of 12, and 1990 he was ordained when he was 24 years old. From the time he was very small, David felt called to the priesthood.

Fr. David earned a Theology degree in Toledo, Spain in 1986 – 90. Then he was sent to Rome from 1996-98 for two additional years of study. During this time, he earned a degree in Dogmatic Theology. Fr. David Trujillo served in two parishes in the Diocese of Maracay, and also as the Vocation Director for three years, and the Rector of the Diocesan major Seminary for another two years before coming to Minnesota.

The St. Cloud Diocese has truly been blessed with the multicultural ministry and cross-cultural pastoral presence of Fr. Trujillo throughout our diocese. He served in active pastoral ministry in the Diocese of St. Cloud until the end of June 2005 in the parishes of Luxemburg and Kimball. He has also ministered in the diocesan Hispanic Ministry outreach program, in the parishes of Browns Valley, Dumont, and Wheaton, and for a period of time in Waite Park.

In May of 2005 we sadly sent Fr. Trujillo back in ministry to his home diocese. We thank Fr. David for his loving service to the Diocese of St. Cloud!