rosary_kids_graphicA great and local resource

We know a lot of resources come across the desks of ministers and teachers, but we feel it is so important for all of us to continue our faith formation and professional development.  For this reason, the Mission Office offers a monthly resource, often referred to as our “Educators Bulletin” that offers all those folks in our diocese working in various education ministries a brief but important reflection on our call to mission, solidarity, service and Catholic social teachings; it also offers a different highlighted resource or service project/activity idea each month, in addition to dates and deadlines for what’s coming up in mission in our diocese.

This resource is sent out electronically each month, in the form of a PDF and as a link to our website where it can be viewed online.  But it is available for anyone interested – teachers, catechists, youth ministers, deacons, pastors, adult faith formation coordinators, faith formation coordinators, home school educators, VBS volunteers, parents, etc.

If you are interested in subscribing to this great 1-page bulletin, contact Kateri at: kmmission at cloudnet dot com.

Here are our most recent Educators Bulletins for downloadable viewing:

  1. February Bulletin 2018 (PDF)
  2. January Bulletin 2018 (PDF)
  3. December Bulletin 2017 (PDF)
  4. November Bulletin 2017 (PDF)
  5. October Bulletin 2017 (PDF)
  6. May Bulletin 2017 (PDF)
  7. April Bulletin 2017 (PDF)
  8. March Bulletin 2017 (PDF)
  9. February Bulletin 2017 (PDF)
  10. January Bulletin 2017 (PDF)
  11. December Bulletin 2016 (PDF)
  12. November Bulletin 2016 (PDF)
  13. October Bulletin 2016  (PDF)
  14. May Bulletin 2016 (PDF)

For copies of older, archived Educators Bulletins or for printed hard copies, contact Katy.