Mission Education Programming

frgregoryFor those who recognizing the importance of this call to mission and mission education in their school and parish, who would like to begin investing in this area of our faith and formation, it’s easy to do.  And, of course, we’ll help you every step of the way!

Mission Education is an important aspect of all levels of our Catholic faith formation. This means EVERYONE needs it, not just kids. That includes adults, community members, diocesan staff, and all parishioners.

Mission Education can include a large variety of things, such as: special multi-cultural or mission liturgies and prayer services, service projects, partnering with other schools/parishes/groups in the world or learning about our current partnerships, experiencing cultural meals, dances, songs, games, etc.

Mission education programming often easily fits into your exiting parish or school programming and events. Mission education relates to nearly every subject and area of parish life.

Incorporating Mission Education into your programming is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
  1. frjeff_miss_edLook at your parish, school or group’s purpose and goals. Find ways in which mission, global, peace and justice-awareness and activities would help you meet your goals.
  2. Look at your calendar, curriculum and plans. Find ways in which different mission-focused speakers or activities may fit in naturally, or times when additional events may enhance your existing programming.
  3. Contact the Mission Office to share your ideas and request help fulfilling your mission education programming needs. Contact us with questions, comments, needs or ideas, or stop by the Mission Office today to check out the many opportunities available for you and to get started arranging for your mission education dream to become a reality!

Then sit back and watch your class or parish get excited about Mission and our Catholic faith!