Mission Education Resources

The Mission Office offers a huge variety of ideas and help in finding the Mission Education components right to meet the needs of you and your school, parish or group.  Just a few of the many resources we have include books, cultural items, mission posters, artifacts, etc., mission-related web links and activities pages for youth, and service project or fundraiser ideas.


foley_fundraiserPersonal attention and planning

Of all the things the Mission Office can help you with in your mission education journey, the best and most important is that we offer personal consultation and on-going support to any school, parish or group investing in Mission Education or Mission involvement.  We are happy to meet with you or your staff to either find the right resources or activity for you, or to help in planning and implementing once you’ve determined the direction you’d like to go.

Why not combine the materials that provide the head-knowledge, with the people and activities that provide the heart-understanding?  At the Mission Office, we will help you do both!


Mission Office Publications

The Mission Office also puts out a quarterly Mission Connections newsletter with stories and updates on the mission activities in our diocese and our connections around the world. (See our “Stories” page for samples of articles and past newsletters). This can be a great way to look for resources, or to just stay updated about what is happening in Mission.

hb_sisters_snowmanSpeakers Bureau

The Diocesan Speakers’ Bureau is composed of a variety of volunteer and professional speakers.  The Speakers Bureau can help with many different topics, countries, and activities. Host a speaker in conjunction with a service project or an intensive global awareness program with a series of on-going weekly lessons, music, songs, videos, cultural education, and ethnic foods given throughout a semester or school year.

The Speakers Bureau hopes to foster a greater appreciation of our faith’s global dimensions, while also providing opportunities for current and returned missioners to share their stories allowing them to continue growing in their faith as well.


Downloadables to help you

Here are several PDFs for you to download with further details and lists of the many, many options available to you for making Mission Education a part of your school, parish or group.  Thank you for answering your baptismal call to mission, and the call of our Bishops to Mission Education!

  1. Called to Mission Education (PDF) document
  2. Resources, Curriculum and Activity Ideas (PDF)(our most complete listing and guide to Mission Ed)
  3. Mission Office’s media library (PDF)
  4. Mission liturgy (PDF) planning aids
  5. Speakers-Bureau-Brochure (PDF)
  6. Speakers_Bureau_Topics (PDF) and countries
  7. Gift Projects (PDF) ideas for service or hands-on mission help
Or download some of these Lesson Plans and activities to use in your class or group:
  1. Choose your own adventure (PDF)
  2. Hunger Banquet (PDF)
  3. Two Feet of Love in Action (PDF)
  4. CST (PDF) Catholic Social Teachings principles


Learn more about Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si (“Praise be to You”) on care for creation and one another by checking out these “Our Common Home” resources, brought to us by the Environmental Justice Project of Catholic Charities, in the Diocese of Stockton: https://ejstockton.org/parish for  resources on Laudato Si and the environment for individuals, groups and parishes.