Getting Youth Involved in Mission

hb_carl_karungu2010We often get questions from parishes or youth groups looking to do a mission trip experience for their teens and adults.  This is great – we love to see our young people getting involved in their baptismal call to mission, and these trips can be a powerful experience for them!  Young people have the power to make a huge impact in their communities and world, so why not influence the type of difference they want to make with a powerful mission experience?!  However, not all mission trips are geared towards youth, and not all are geared towards the current Catholic theology of mission; so it’s important to find one that has the proper aspects for your parish’s group.  We can help with this!

Although we unfortunately cannot organize trips for every parish looking to do a mission trip, due to lack of staff, time and resources, we can help you find an organization such as ourselves whose very ministry is to provide the best mission experience for your young people.

View a list of organizations for parish/Youth and Domestic Trips(PDF) possibilities both locally and globally.

We can also help you with orientations; our staff are prepared to come out and speak with you and/or your whole group about what mission and solidarity are, how we as Catholics are called to live this out, what some of the joys and challenges of such a trip will be, how to prepare, and even some cultural preparations if you are traveling to a place and people outside of our own.  Contact us to let us know how we can help!