Missionary Cooperation Plan 

logo-jcmAnother activity that the Mission Office helps coordinate is the Missionary Cooperation Plan (MCP).  MCP’s include education and support, through a speaker coming in to a parish to share about their mission experience, community and ministry either locally or globally. In addition to this sharing and formation, the speaker also does an appeal and a collection is taken up by the parish to support their particular mission-organization or location. It is a great way for our parishes to be connected and involved in mission all over our world, and to expand our mission activities and knowledge beyond even those already prominent mission connections such as sister parishes and diocesan partnerships that we love and participate in on a regular basis.

Mission organizations apply to the Mission Office with a letter, and are then selected by the director and approved by the Mission Office Board of Directors.  Approved organizations are then paired to a certain parish/parishes in the diocese, and contact information is shared by the Mission Office so that the parish and presenter can be in contact with one another to schedule the exact date and details of their presentation and appeal.

bill_kenyaNote: MCP’s are scheduled on a rotating schedule of our parishes, with each parish having a presenter/appeal once every three years.  If you wish to have one more often, you are more than welcome to do so!  In fact, many parishes have chosen to do a “Voluntary MCP” each year, and have had great success in doing so for both the missionary organization that comes in and for the local parishioners.  Simply contact our office to let us know you’re interested in a voluntary MCP, or note it on the MCP request form sent out at the beginning of each year.

Parishes and presenters and their organization, are asked to follow the official MCP Guidelines 2019(PDF).

Interested in Being an MCP Presenter? 

Any mission organization, diocese or congregation wishing to speak in the St. Cloud Diocese on the good work you do and your need for support, are invited to send a letter of request to the Mission Office (at 11 – 8th Avenue South, Saint Cloud MN 56301), care of our Director, Elizabeth Neville.  Please be sure to include contact information along with explanations of what your ministry is and why it is in need of support from the people of St. Cloud.

Letters are accepted all year, and will be reviewed for acceptance in October and November each year.  Though we regret that we cannot accept all those who apply, those who are accepted will be notified and asked to make arrangements with their hosting parish(es), as well as sending any necessary documentation (such as a letter of good standing from your diocese) to the Mission Office.

We look forward to hearing more about the good work you are doing for our global church, and the possibility of sharing that good news within our diocese!