The Mission Office promotes the sharing of gifts with one another in a responsible and respectful manner. We each have two hands and one heart to offer – let us share them!

Because Mission is first-and-foremost about relationships and connecting with one another as GOD connects with us, the Mission Office encourages the people of our parishes to get involved in mission through special mission promotion and interaction projects. And while mission should focus first on relationships, it also means helping those with whom we’ve connected. For this reason, our Mission Office offers gifts to our mission partners and various connections throughout the local and global community. We give gifts to those in our family and who we have relationships with on a personal level, and similarly we ask the people of St. Cloud Diocese to share their gifts with our brothers and sisters in our global family.

For many people who have been involved on mission trips, projects are a great way to continue their experience and maintain a relationship and place in their heart for those they encountered even years after they have returned. Projects are also a great way for those who never feel called to travel in mission to still be a part of the great mission spirit in our diocese and to share themselves with others around the world without ever having to leave their community.

Project Ideas

The Mission Office promotes a variety of projects that our diocese can do to support mission, from making items, gathering items, fundraisers, to general mission promotion in the community. Check out some of mission project ideas for you, your parish, or group:

quiltsHomemade items (some items will be shared with our foreign mission partners or used for ministry locally, such as for immigrants and refugees. Quilts and baby quilts are often sold at the Mission Office to raise funds to support mission efforts elsewhere):

  1. Sew Children’s Clothing (homemade sundresses, T-shirts, and shorts, or knit baby booties)
  2. Make hats, mittens or scarfs (especially in need of adult sizes)
  3. Make Quilts or babyquilts
  4. Make embroidered dishtowels or dish cloths
  5. Make World Mission Rosaries (WMR’s are given to Catholic schools and parishes in the Diocese each fall for their celebrations of Missionary Childhood Day the first Friday of October, as well as to our mission connections abroad)
  6. Homemade feminine care items are in huge need for our sisters around the world; see Days for Girls for information and instructions/patterns.

dentalItems Collected (all items must be NEW!):

  1. Put together Layettes
  2. Put together Dental Hygiene bags (includes small plastic cup, toothbrush, toothpaste, bar of soap and sandwich baggie)
  3. Gather Personal care and hygeine items (soaps, combs, shampoos, etc.) for men and women
  4. Collect baby items (items must be new), such as diapers, wipes, clothing, bibs, receiving blankets, soaps and lotions, etc.
  5. Collect School Supplies (NO paper or notebooks please!)

Mission Promotion:

  1. Invite a speaker
  2. genevieveUtilize Mission Education curriculum or resources in your school or faith formation program
  3. Buy or Sell Fair Trade
  4. Help promote World Mission Sunday in October, or the CRS Collection and Rice Bowl in Lent
  5. Help promote Missionary Childhood Day and the World Mission Rosary Day on the first Friday of October, and mission month throughout October
  6. Volunteer to be on one of our partnership committees

Mission Interactions:

  1. Help orient and welcome foreign missioners to St. Cloud Diocese, or invite one to come speak to your group
  2. carla_pumpkinHost a delegate visiting from one of our Partner Dioceses & global connections
  3. Go on a delegation or Mission Trip
  4. Come to the annual mission evens such as: Mission Rally (held each spring), or Partnership Barn Dance celebration (held each fall)
  5. Tutor an immigrant or refugee (with groups like Hands Across the World, St. Cloud, Casa Guadalupe, or Centro Hispano)


  1. Sponsor someone from your parish or area going on a diocesan mission trip
  2. Sponsor a refugee family in your area (with groups like Hands Across the World, St. Cloud, Casa Guadalupe, or Centro Hispano)
  3. Raise money to help one of our key projects for our diocesan partnership with Maracay, Veneuzuela (the Friends of Seminarians project) or Homa Bay, Kenya (no specific project at this time, though there are always general needs of our partners and the partnership)
  4. Raise funds for “Missionary Childhood” to target funds towards children in need throughout the world


  1. Pray the World Mission Rosary
  2. Donate Mass stipends with your special intentions
  3. “Adopt a Missioner” by praying for our missioners here or afar
  4. Pray for our Partnerships, our staff and for the work of mission!

For a list of what items, dimensions, and details you need to know in putting together one of the above-listed projects, visit this a list of Mission needs(PDF).

A reminder that we no longer take cancelled stamps!  Also, once again we do NOT accept used items; all gifts must be new and in good condition (would you give your best friend a used or dingy birthday gift?) 

Where do gifts go?

Gifts brought to the Mission Office are shared with a variety of connections and organizations. Primarily, we share gifts with our Global Solidarity Partners in Homa Bay, Kenya and Maracay, Venezuela. Every year that a delegation travels to one of our partners, numerous suitcases full of your gifts are brought and offered to the Bishop and people of the diocese. We also share gifts with other delegations traveling to places such as Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Gifts are also offered with visiting foreign missioners or our St. Cloud Diocesan missioners who are visiting home temporarily, for their ministries in various parts of our world. Often these visitors can carry less due to travel and luggage restrictions, but they are still grateful to receive gifts from the generous people of St. Cloud.

The Mission Office also shares your gift items with organizations, both on the local and global level, whose ministry is headquartered locally. Because they are headquartered in our area and have the capability to send larger amounts oversees, we are able to share large quantities with these places. Truck, trailer, car and vans full of items have been donated to our connections with White Earth and Red Lake Reservations in Minnesota, Sharing and Caring Hands, Catholic Charities, the We Care Program, and more!

If your parish or group has done a special collection or mission project for a particular mission connection, such as one of our partnerships, we will gladly honor your request that your gift items be shared with that community. However, we ask your patience and understanding in that it often takes a great deal of time for these gifts to arrive at your requested location, due to the fact that we must wait for a travel year to carry them over. Mailing them is usually simply not an option in many locations. If you can be patient, we will do our best to get them there!

If you wish to donate items to an organization or location that we are not connected with, we likely will not be able to honor your request to designate the gifts to that location. Your best bet in this case is to contact the organization yourself to find out how to get these items to them.