Parish Collections

So many areas of need; not all come to us

There is often confusion regarding special collections done in the parishes, usually as part of parishioners’ yearly envelope packets.  Please note that not all special collections come to the Mission Office; some are sent to the Chancery, others to Catholic Charities, etc. Below is a list of where to send your parish’s special collection funds:

Funds Sent to Mission Office:

  1. CRS Collection (formerly Bishop’s Overseas Appeal) – Lent
  2. Rice Bowl – Lent
  3. MCP (Missionary Cooperation Plan) Mission Appeals
  4. World Mission Sunday Collection – second to last Sunday in October
  5. Funds for the Homa Bay-St. Cloud Partnership
  6. Funds for the Maracay-St. Cloud Partnership
  7. Funds for Society of St. Peter Apostle
  8. Funds for Missionary Childhood Association
  9. Funds for Society for the Propagation of the Faith
  10. Funds for diocesan missioners
  11. Mass Stipends

Funds Sent to Chancery:

  1. Holy Land Collection
  2. Home Missions Collection
  3. Peter’s Pence Collection
  4. Holy Father’s Collection
  5. Special collections taken at Bishop’s request (such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornado relief, etc).

Funds to Development Office:

  1. Annual Diocesan Appeal

Catholic Charities Funds to Catholic Charities


If you still have questions about where these or other funds should be sent after your parish has collected them, please contact us before you mail your check.  We will gladly help you get them to the right place so that they can begin affecting the proper ministry as soon as possible!