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The Saint Cloud Mission Office carries the primary responsibility for promotion of the global outreach of the Catholic Diocese of Saint Cloud. 

We carry this out in numerous ways, including programs of the Pontifical Mission Societies and Catholic Relief Services, as well as our Global Solidarity Partnerships with the Dioceses of Homa Bay, Kenya and Maracay, Venezuela. The overall goal of the office is to engage as many members of the diocese as possible in the global mission of Christ.

The office serves as a conduit for both people and monetary exchange with the missioners from our diocese as well as the numerous relationships we have with faith communities around the world. We encourage and support mission education curriculum and activities in our schools and Faith Formation programs, the World Mission Rosary, sister parish relationships, our mission Speakers Bureau, the Missionary Cooperation Plan, the sharing of Mass stipends and prayers throughout the world, parish mission groups and the encouragement of mission vocations.

The St. Cloud Mission Office also serves as an advocate and small outlet for Fair Trade sales. The Office has a selection of Fair Trade coffees from various countries, chocolates, hot cocoa, artisan crafts, jewelry, etc. In addition, we also carry many items made and donated by the approximately 125 Mission Groups in parishes throughout the diocese; these items include quilts, baby quilts, embroidered dishtowels, rosaries, and more.

The most important thing for you to know is that our ministry is about building right relationships with God and with others. It is about transformation: healing ourselves and our world; building up the Reign of God. A profound realization that our own salvation is linked with the salvation of others guides our spirit and our work. For as the missionary document from Vatican II, Ad Gentes, states, we go to God “not just singly, apart from any mutual bond,” but molded together as a people, made one by the Spirit.

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