Those helping you to help the world

The office is staffed by 3 employees:

  1. Elizabeth Neville , Director
  2. Teresa Trout, Mission Education Coordinator
  3. Carolina Walz, Office Manager

In addition to the three paid staff members above, Fr. Bill Vos also serves in the office as a voluntary staff member, serving as the Diocesan Director of Catholic Relief Services.

All the staff at the Mission Office are excited to help you engage more fully in your Baptismal call to mission.  Please contact us or stop in to meet us! Together we can find the right way for you to be involved and provide you with the help and guidance you need to connect with and make a difference in our world!

Elizabeth (Beth) Neville, Director

Elizabeth Neville is the Director of the St. Cloud Mission Office, also known as the Society for the Propagation of the Faith (SPOF). Her role as director includes the overseeing of all funds and contributions for the ministry of mission.  These include but are not limited to:  mass stipends shared with our global connections and relationships all over the world; writing, educating and promoting the appeals for SPOF (St. Peter the Apostle Appeal, Advent/Christmas Appeal, and World Mission Sunday); scheduling and promoting the Missionary Cooperation Plan (MCP) which brings into  the diocese over 25 Mission Organizations, dioceses and religious orders into our parish communities each year;  promoting and educating Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in the diocese (Rice Bowl, Local Rice Bowl and Bishop’s Appeal);  maintaining our global solidarity partnerships with Homa Bay Kenya and Maracay Venezuela; communicating with and offering support for our diocesan missioners as well as promoting mission vocations; promoting and educating in fair trade crafts and goods; working with the many parish mission groups throughout the diocese; and teaching mission education in the parish and schools throughout our diocese.

Elizabeth has previously served as Youth Ministry/Confirmation Coordinator for the parishes of St. Peter and St. Paul in St. Cloud.  She attended Peter & Paul Primary and Middle schools and Cathedral High School before obtaining double degrees in Biology and Art from the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN. She recently completed a two-year undergraduate program with a certificate in youth ministry leadership from the Center for Ministry Development in Gig Harbor, WA, in collaboration with St. John’s School of Theology in Collegeville. Before working in parish ministry, Elizabeth worked with the US Forest Service in Timber and Wildlife Management, as well as a Wildfire Forest Fire Fighter.

Elizabeth has four children and lives in Big Lake.

Elizabeth spent her senior year in college studying in Kenya, during which time she began giving her heart to mission. True to her passion, years later she traveled to Kenya again, this time to our partner diocese of Homa Bay with a diocesan delegation in 2009. She has been to Kenya several times since then, leading 7 delegations as well as trips made with her mother and children.  Elizabeth has also traveled to 14 countries including Haiti, Nicaragua and Indonesia and loves becoming immersed in the daily lives of people due to her deep love for all cultures and peoples.

Elizabeth also enjoys hiking, canning, gardening, berry-picking, reading, singing, traveling, and meeting new people.

 Teresa Trout, Mission Education Coordinator

Teresa Trout is the Mission Education Coordinator for the Mission Office. The primary focus of her ministry is on the promotion of mission and global solidarity throughout the diocese. She helps coordinate communications of the St. Cloud Mission Office, both within the diocese and with our global faith partners, including managing the Mission Office newsletter, website, and social media. She also meets with members of diocesan delegations, partnership committees, and K-12 Catholic educators and students of the St. Cloud Diocese to foster engagement with the global Church and the world-wide mission of Jesus Christ.

Teresa was born and raised in St. Cloud, and grew up as a member of St. Michael’s church. Much of her previous job and volunteer experience, such as working at elementary after school programs and training employees as a coffee shop/café manager, have made her passionate about educating and advocating in unique ways. She graduated from the College of St. Benedict with a Bachelors in both Theology and Psychology.

Teresa’s calling to journey in Mission started when she was 8. She and her siblings went on a mission trip to Mississippi with the youth group that her dad was leading. Although she was too young to fully understand the importance of Mission and what they were doing at the time, the trip had a lasting impact on her, and especially encouraged a respect and an interest in communities and cultures that challenged her Central Minnesotan view of the world. Since then she has continued to travel, visiting places around the U.S. as well as traveling abroad to Italy. In March of 2019, Teresa, along with her Mom, joined the delegation to Homa Bay, Kenya through the diocesan partnership. The experience was fantastic and encouraged her to become more invested in global solidarity.

Teresa enjoys spending her time with friends and family, reading, writing, catching up on Netflix shows, and finding time to explore God’s creation. She’s also passionate about music, a good cup of coffee, and the power of genuine conversation.

Carolina (Nina) Walz, Office Manager

Carolina Walz is the Office Manager of the St Cloud Mission Office. Her role extends beyond the typical office duties and includes welcoming guests and community members, accepting donations, assisting with sales of Fair Trade items, and connecting those to the global church.

Carolina was born and raised in Maracay-Aragua-Venezuela.  As a teenager she was active in the Parish of San Bartolomé, one of the parishes founded through the partnership between the Saint Cloud Diocese and Maracay Diocese. Carolina participated in RCIA as a candidate, later she was a teen leader in the parish youth activities.  She helped with the Saint Francis of Assisi youth group, Vengan a mi “Come to ME” children retreats, the community kitchen that ran in the parish for the homeless and needy of the community, and many other activities.  Carolina also lived in a Catholic Community called “Fuente Real” Royal Fountain for about a year.  During this time, she was part of the logistics for retreats, evangelizing the rural areas, etc.  Carolina studied accounting at “Centro Tecnico Contable” Accounting Technical Center in Maracay and graduated in 1998.  Carolina moved to the U.S. in 2004 with her husband and two oldest children.

Carolina is the mother of six; five boys and one girl. She has participated in different parishes throughout the diocese working with the Hispanic community, including Pelican Rapids, Long Prairie, Cold Spring, and Waite Park.  She is currently studying accounting at the St. Cloud Technical College and will be graduating in the Spring of 2021.  Carolina and her family are active members of Holy Spirit Church in St. Cloud.

Carolina enjoys baking and cooking for family and friends, going for bike rides, reading, traveling, and wood working with her husband. She also loves crafts, jigsaw puzzles, and many other things that include being able to spend time with her family.

billvosFr. Bill Vos, CRS Diocesan Director

In addition to the three full-time staff members at the Mission Office, Fr. Bill Vos, retired priest of the Diocese of St. Cloud, also serves in the office as the Diocesan Director of Catholic Relief Services (CRS).

CRS, the global outreach of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, is one aspect of our Mission Office efforts.  In our global outreach CRS is a vital link between the people and leadership of the Diocese in responding to natural disasters, supporting development projects in over 100 countries and in advocacy work with civic and government offices and representatives. CRS as one of the largest non-governmental organizations (NGO) from the USA, holds a very strong reputation for prompt and effect responses to emergency situations such earthquakes, typhoons, or tsunami disasters.  CRS also receives high marks for low operational costs, efficiently getting our contributions where most needed.

Fr. Vos also serves on a national speaker’s bureau for CRS.  He served for 19 years in mission with Maryknoll in East Africa and currently is Chair of the Board of Directors of the Maryknoll Lay Missioners (a separate branch of Maryknoll).  As a former Director of our Mission Office he continues to collaborate with our current staff, particularly in promoting and maintaining our Global Solidarity Partnerships and numerous other global connections.

Other Leaders in Mission 

Two Committees assist with coordination of the activities of our diocesan partnerships with:

  1. The Diocese of Homa Bay, Kenya
  2. The Diocese of Maracay, Venezuela

Our Board of Directors, which meets quarterly, includes:

  1. Bishop Kettler / Fr. Bob Rolfes, Vicar General / Jane Marrin, Chancellor, St. Cloud Diocese
  2. Elizabeth Neville, Director, St. Cloud Mission Office
  3. Fr. Bill Vos, Diocesan Director of CRS and Board Chair for Maryknoll Lay Missioners
  4. Ginny Duschner, Faith Formation Director for Holy Spirit, St. John Cantius and St. Anthony parishes in St. Cloud
  5. Fr. Zawadi, OSC missioner from the Congo
  6. Sister Carolyn Law, OSF and returned missioner
  7. Scott Baynes, local business man
  8. Lucio David Hernandez, first Hispanic permanent deacon in the diocese – serves at St. Joe in Waite Park
  9. Fr. Efrain Rosado, OSB – ministers to the Hispanic community throughout the Diocese.
  10. Mary Schmit, 2019 delegate to Homa Bay