sowada2One Family in Mission

The St. Cloud Mission Office’s legal name is “Society for the Propagation of the Faith.” It is our job to promote the work of the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS), serving the evangelization and pastoral needs of our brothers and sisters in faith in the dioceses in most need around the globe.

The Pontifical Mission Societies are the organizations, under the direction of the Holy Father, that work for the promotion of mission spirit and mission work in every Roman Catholic diocese throughout the world.  There are four societies (listed below) that take on this great work.  Aside from the leadership of the Holy Father, each country has a national director (in New York for the United States), and each diocese appoints a diocesan director (The Mission Office for St. Cloud Diocese) to help promote and facilitate the workings and funds of the Pontifical Mission Societies.  We are all One Family in Mission, and PMS calls us to recognize our baptismal call as part of this mission family and to act upon this call!

The Four Pontifical Mission Societies:

  1. spof_logoSociety for the Propagation of the Faith (SPOF): The propagation of the Faith seeks prayer, sacrifice and financial support for the Church’s missionary work, and provides ongoing help for the pastoral and evangelizing programs in Africa, Asia, the islands of the Pacific, and remote regions of Latin America. This includes aid for the education and support of seminarians, Religious novices and lay catechists; for the work of Religious Communities in education, health care and social services; for communication and transportation needs in various dioceses, and for emergency and disaster relief, when necessary. SPOF is supporting the church’s needs around the world!
  2. Society of St. Peter the Apostle (SPA): The Society of St. Peter the Apostle encourages prayer and financial help specifically for vocations to the priesthood and religious life in areas around the world unable to provide formation without assistance for the many feeling called to vocations. SPA is building up leaders for the global church!
  3. Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) (formerly known in the US as “Holy Childhood Association”): MCA helps to animate children in kindergarten through eighth grade to a universal missionary spirit and to gather funds and prayers from these young people for the support of mission efforts that serve the poorest of the world’s children. MCA fosters kids helping their young peers!
  4. Missionary Union of Priests and Religious: The Missionary Union is a spiritual apostolate that informs and forms priests, Religious men and women, pastoral leaders and those responsible for catechesis and religious education so that they may better animate others in the missionary spirit. It is Clergy and Religious supporting others on their mission journey!

To find out more about the Pontifical Mission Societies, and how you can utilize their resources, support their efforts or otherwise be involved in their pastoral work throughout the world, visit the PMS website at

World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday takes place every October, and is recognized in dioceses, parishes and chapels all over the world as a way to pray for and support the mission efforts of the Roman Catholic Church in some of the most in-need areas of the globe.  World Mission Sunday 2020 takes place the weekend of Oct 18th. The theme of this year is “Here Am I, Send Me.” Below are this year’s resources:

PMS funding

The Pontifical Mission Societies in the US are the pastoral arm of our church; therefore it is up to all of us to support this work – through prayer and through financial support. The majority of PMS’s funding comes from donations, including estates, from the Catholic faithful like you and me.

One large source of these donations is the World Mission Sunday collection. This collection takes place the third Sunday in October each year. Every Catholic Parish throughout the world should be praying in a special way for our global brothers and sisters on this special day. In addition to the prayer and celebration of our universal faith, a collection is also taken up for the work of the Pontifical Mission Societies. Special envelopes should be in your parish membership contribution packets; if you do not see one, be sure to ask your parish how you can contribute or contact the Mission Office to share in this important collection.

tanzania24Other financial support comes from you answering the call to support a few special appeals each year! These appeals are primarily the Advent/Christmas appeal each December and the St. Peter the Apostle appeal each summer. You can also contribute to the Pontifical Mission Societies through our office’s giving site at  Without your generous gifts at the time of these direct appeals, and throughout the remainder of the year, the wonderful missionary work of our church world-wide would not be possible. Thank you!

The Mission Office in conjunction with PMS

All of our work of mission support and promotion stems from our mandate through the Pontifical Mission Societies to enter into the evangelizing work of Christ by sharing in the spreading of faith to those all over our world.

Our office does a variety of work for the Pontifical Mission Societies, including but not limited to:

  1. Passing on funds donated to the various Pontifical Mission Societies (listed above)
  2. Promoting the work of the various Pontifical Mission Societies
  3. Writing and sending appeals for the work of St. Peter the Apostle, as well as our Advent/Christmas appeal for the general work of the Pontifical Mission Societies
  4. Promoting the work of the Missionary Childhood Association in the schools and faith formation programs, as well as other mission education encouragement among the young people of our diocese
  5. wmr_bulletinPromotion of World Mission Sunday and celebrating Mission Month in October each year, including a special mission supplement in the Central Minnesota Catholic Magazine each fall
  6. Encouraging the making and praying of World Mission Rosaries, a special global prayer developed by former National PMS director Bishop Fulton J. Sheen
  7. Encouraging mission vocations, of clergy, religious and laity
  8. Support of those who have answered the call to a mission vocation overseas
  9. and more!