Journeying Together to God

“We came to care for them as family; we couldn’t say good-bye or let go of that last hug!” (host of 2014 delegate from partner diocese).

The Mission Office believes in the power of relationships and coming together in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from other parts of the world!  It is for this reason that we invest a great deal of time and resources into not one, but TWO fantastic global solidarity partnerships on the diocesan level.

These partnerships, with a diocese in Kenya and one in Venezuela, date back from 20 to 55 years, and each include mutual sharing of people, prayer and resources.  They involve travel, personnel-exchanges, occasional projects or donations, and a great deal of prayer – all part of our journeying to God together.

Find out more about these diocesan partnerships and how you can be involved:


 Check back for information regarding future events relating to our awesome partnerships!